Unraveling the Mystery of Flamenco

Have you been to a Flamenco performance and found yourself mesmerized by the sheer passion of the art form

and the power of the dance

or found yourself perplexed because it was nothing like you expected?


So what is it really about? Where do its roots come from? What is really happening on stage

Here is your chance to find out!


We will learn how to appreciate this art form through:

• Watching a short video clip to add a visual aspect to the presentation.
• Learning about Spain’s geography and culture to understand their influences on Flamenco and look at how dance, voice and music relate
• Talking about costumes, props and instruments and how they are used in a performance.
• Learning about Flamenco rhythms and trying to produce simple rhythmic patterns by clapping them (palmas). We will also learn when to emit words of encouragement in Spanish (jaleos) and practice a few.
• Trying out a few basic movements to build appreciation of the dance aspect of Flamenco and understand its complexity (If you are interested in doing an hour class of dance please check out Flamenco dance Class.

You can choose between a presentation and performance package or attending a presentation only

Dates: TBA (on spainculturaltours.com) or can be set up upon request
Presentation Duration: 45 – 1 hour presentation
Performance Duration: varies

Advance booking is required

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